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America Travel Guide

  • family getaways 
  • romantic getaways
  • group getaways
  • city break getaways ​
  • seasonal holiday ideas
  • road trip holiday ideas 
  • Multiple holidays one trip
  • Natural World holiday ideas

If you've always dreamed of the American Dream and are planning a trip to the USA, then our travel guides will enable you to choose the perfect destination and time of year to visit. Written by travel experts with a passion for all things America, we've collated the most informative and inspirational guides with useful hints and tips to make your dream a reality.

Whether you're looking for the best cities to shop 'til you drop, local attractions to visit or where to party the night away then we have the guide for you. Or if you can’t decide between a city break and a beach escape, we explain how it's possible to have the best of both worlds with a twin or multi-centre holiday.

If you've travelled to America before and this time want to see and do even more, we have suggestions to enable you to turn your holiday into an adventure. With ideas for choosing the best location depending on which season you're travelling, information on climates and local weather our travel guides have it covered.

So, whatever your dream holiday may be, look no further than our expert travel guides to get your American holiday off to a flying start!

Family Getaways

  • Things to do in Orlando 
  • New Mexico points of interest 
  • Top 10 Halloween Events USA 
  • 10 Reasons to visit Georgia & the Carolinas 
  • Ultimate USA bucket list 
  • Disney Park Guide 
  • America Theme Park Holidays 
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Family comes first for many of the best American holiday destinations. So, whether you’re seeking nature in the Great Outdoors or the nurture of custom made kiddie heaven, you can find your dream family getaway USA style to suit every parent, child, taste, budget and even bucket list with our travel guides!

Of course, theme parks are what America does best! From the magic of Disneyland, Orlando to the rollicking roller-coasters of Carowinds in North Carolina – with over 400 theme parks across 50 States, there’s a tailor-made getaway to please everyone! However, if outdoor adventure is more to your taste, then little beats the cowboy and canyon experience of New Mexico or the great southern states of Georgia and The Carolinas; crammed with historic sites, sounds, flavours and dramatic coastline.

Some of the very best family getaways are catered for during seasonal holidays. So, it’s worth timing your big break to seek out spooky celebrations in late October for Halloween with parades, festivals and dedicated theme parks or plan to visit around the Thanksgiving celebrations. Wherever you go, you can be sure of family fun as the whole country bursts into true American-style revelry!

Romantic Getaways

  • Hawaii Holidays Must See and Do 
  • Honeymoon Dreamin in America 
  • 10 things you didnt know you could do in Nevada 
  • New York Hidden Treasures 
  • Honeymoons in America
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Lovin' in America! It’s little wonder that the USA and its tropical neighbour, Hawaii, are such a draw for the world’s honeymooners – top of the romantic getaway league in fact!

Star-gazing in the Nevada Desert; the blissful seclusion of hidden treasures like white sand beaches or the thrills of bright lights and big cities – or all three, in striking distance for the ever-popular multi-destination choices of today’s newly-weds.

The romance of the open road is increasingly 'in vogue' as record numbers of honeymooner’s link sand and land with the adventure of an all-American road trip! Discovering the unique combination of scenery, sights and of course, the food makes an American road trip a truly unforgettable bonding experience, so make sure you look through our romantic getaways ideas before you book!


Group Getaways

  • What to do in Las Vegas 
  • Where to stay in New York 
  • Holiday Ideas Texas 
  • What is a Dude Ranch Holiday 
  • USA Festival Guide 
  • Top Ranch Holidays 
  • America Ranch Holidays 
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America is rapidly becoming the no.1 destination for group getaways. It’s little wonder, as few countries offer such a rich and diverse range of choices and the ability to hop out of the saddle in Nevada to roll the dice at the tables in Las Vegas for a multi-destination experience is pretty unique.

From bonding with the lads around the campfire at a Dude Ranch to taking in the bright lights of Broadway in New York or toe-tapping in Texas at one of its world-famous music festivals then saddling up to roam the plains of the Texan Panhandle (or the other way around!).

America is utterly unique in accommodating every possible taste for a truly memorable group getaway; be it food and culture or action and adventure or all four! So, check out our guides to make the most of your group getaway.

City Break Ideas

  • Dress Shopping in New York 
  • American Shopping Holiday Guide 
  • Short Breaks Las Vegas 
  • Holiday picks 2017 
  • 10 things you didnt know about the USA
  • What to do in Las Vegas 
  • Music in the Deep South 
  • Insiders Guide to Mardi Gras New Orleans 
  • Top 10 things to do on holiday in California 
  • America City Breaks 
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America is home to some of the most diverse city break experiences anywhere in the world! From world-class shopping to its rich culture, cuisine, historic sites, music and festivals - every US metropolis bursts with its own unique blend of stimulation and temptation!

Where else can a gal discover a designer dress at a bargain price then slip it on for a Broadway musical the same evening, but New York City! Or browse the boutiques and malls for Hollywood-style cosmetics around the stylish retail hubs of Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco, arguably California’s sexiest cities.

From North to South and East to West, US cities are a big draw for music lovers too. From the world-renowned Mardi Gras in New Orleans to global Indie music festivals like South by South West in the heart of Texas, the sounds, sights and excitement of American cities are alive, kicking and all consuming! Our travel guides will make sure you experience the best from each city!

Seasonal Holiday Ideas

  • New York & Las Vegas in January 
  • San Francisco in June 
  • Los Angeles in May 
  • American Event In March to Spring 
  • Las Vegas at Christmas
  • Things to do in New York at Christmas 
  • Orlando in August 
  • California in August 
  • Yosemite in Winter 
  • America shopping holidays 
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Covering such a vast expanse of land, USA weather varies greatly by season and location. With so many different climates to choose from and year-round attractions, we've put together some expert guides to help you pick your ideal holiday no matter the season.

Spring is the perfect time to travel as off-peak means low prices and fewer crowds. During the summer months, Northern states enjoy warm days and cooler mornings and evenings. Cosmopolitan San Francisco is the perfect destination to visit in June, with blue skies framing the impressive Golden Gate Bridge following the end of the rainy season.

As autumn approaches Southern regions welcome cooler temperatures. As the leaves change to spectacular shades of red, autumnal conditions are perfect for exploring National Parks such as the Grand Canyon. Or why not celebrate the winter festivities and cheer in the New Year with a city break in New York?

Road Trip Holiday Ideas

  • Road Trip Essentials 
  • Route 66 guide 
  • 8 ways to enjoy route 66 in missouri 
  • get your kicks on route 66 
  • usa motorhome holiday
  • billy connolly usa trip 
  • route 66 holidays 
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Nothing says adventure like an American road trip! Of which there are many tempting tracks to take, from Route 66 to The Appalachian Trail, but the legendary Route 66 is the genuine article. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and hit the road with family and/or friends, you’re in for a spectacular ride! To get it in perspective, Route 66 crosses eight states and three time zones!

There’s no more rewarding way of experiencing America; it’s expansive geography, diverse culture, turbulent history and quirky customs than driving right through it! Check out our road trip essentials and guides to ensure you have everything you need for your perfect American road trip!

Enjoy the ride!

Multiple holidays one trip

  • Multi-activity holidays in America 
  • Multi-destination holiday ideas 
  • what is a multi-centre holiday? 
  • america and beyond
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With such an incredible selection of destinations to choose from and endless possibilities, what better way to explore the USA than to book a twin or multi-centre holiday? Whether you fancy a road trip, beach escape or ranch holiday combining more than one location means you'll experience the best of both worlds.

If you're travelling as a couple or a family, visiting more than one destination enables you to cater for all. It's the perfect way to discover multiple cultures, diverse climates and an array of attractions. Perhaps you're no stranger to the great USA but are in need of some inspiration - we have collated some of the best tips on how to turn your holiday into an unforgettable adventure.

So, if you're dreaming of a relaxing romantic break but your partner is after an action-packed city escape, have a read of our expert travel guides to discover the perfect way to entertain everyone and have the holiday of a lifetime!

Natural world holiday ideas

  • California Beach Sunsets 
  • top 10 national parks in america 
  • unforgettable rocky mountain sights 
  • Insiders guide to Floridas best beaches
  • 10 things that make great lakes great
  • national park holidays
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Way away from man-made holiday complexes and entertainments, one of the great joys of America is its generous helping of nature and the unspoilt natural world accessible for all to enjoy.

From coast to coast, the country is rich in great lakes, national parks, unspoilt coastlines and pristine beaches; happily, and easily explore by foot, car, bike or on horseback! From the awe-inspiring sunsets of California to rambling across The Rocky Mountains and navigating some of the country’s Great Lakes, bayous and bays, America’s great outdoors is a vast and inviting environment for families, friends and lovers!

It’s so easy to discover and explore America’s vibrant natural world; whether camping, glamping or just hiking from post to post, there’s a holiday for everyone with guides, bikes and horses at the ready, whenever you are!​​​​​​

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