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10 things you didn't know about America

The United States of America is a bit of an anomaly to most people in the UK. The most common question that comes to one’s mind is, ‘how can one country be that different?’ If it’s your first time to the States, just know that no one in America really knows the difference between the UK, Great Britain and England! But it does have some relevant geographical advantages:

Let's talk about the weather

For most Europeans, it’s the sun and the sea that is probably the number one reason to explore America. There are some parts of America that experience the sun all year round. That doesn’t seem fair, does it? But that’s why a holiday in California or Florida is ideal - one can revel in the sun and the sea almost at any time during the year.

America blog

Let's talk about food

The great thing about America is how diverse the food is. Like the UK, you can pretty much explore any country’s cuisine. But there isn’t anything more American then fried goodness! And New Orleans is your answer for the best fried food in America. Speaking of fatty foods, while in America, don’t forget to try a hot pocket. There are 20 varieties of hot pockets available. If you are wondering what exactly a hot pocket is, think of it as a microwaveable turnover stuffed with cheese, meat, or vegetables.

America blog

Let's talk about Hawaii

Many think Hawaii is a country by itself—and rightly so. Their perfect white sand-crystal blue water seems like a separate universe. Thankfully, a local flight and the same U.S. currency will get you to Hawaii.

America blog

Let's talk about money

As much as we all love gambling, there are only certain places where gambling is actually legal. Vegas should almost immediately come to mind, but don’t be surprised if you find a casino in the middle of nowhere. This is because any territory deemed an ‘Indian reservation’ is open to gambling. Always have that secret stash handy!

America blog

Let's talk about driving

The fact that American’s drive on the ‘wrong side’ of the street isn’t something new. But one confusing thing about driving in the U.S. is the carpool lane. The carpool lane is the extreme left lane that a car can enter only at certain times on the highway, accessible only to those cars with two or more people. Don’t ever cruise on the carpool lane solo as a $500 plus ticket is what you are looking at.

America blog

Let's talk about fireworks

One holiday weekend we recommend for planning a trip, is America’s Fourth of July weekend - you will not be disappointed! The best fireworks the nation has to offer are on display. Whether it’s with family or your significant other, there is something for everyone on Fourth of July in every destination.

America blog

Let's talk about beer

Americans love their Bud. We aren’t entirely sure why, but Budweiser is the chosen beer. Don’t be too disappointed, today there are so many craft breweries that America’s beer game has seriously gone up. If beer is your drink then you want to indulge in two very important activities. One is beer pong and the other is drinking from a red cup.

America blog

Let's talk about wine

Even though beer is probably more popular among the American public, there is definitely a wine revolution currently taking place. Most unique and rather astonishing to the wine market is something called ‘Two Buck Chuck.’ This wine priced originally at $2 but now selling for $2.60 (plus) is so cheap that even the most distinguished connoisseur would be fooled. Find a local ‘Trader Joes’ to buy this wine. Of course, for the more distinguished, wine tasting is a must. We recommend starting with Napa Valley but eventually moving towards Washington and Virginia.

America blog

Let's talk about camping

You can pretty much go camping anywhere in America, but camping on the beach is probably the most fun. Whether it’s in California, Oregon, or Florida, beachside camping lets you explore your adventurous side while still enjoying the sun and the sand.

America blog

Let's talk about National Parks

Another great thing about the States is that a nature-lover can explore different national, regional, and local parks. Think of it as multiple Hyde Parks located at every major cross street. Whether its reading a book or hosting a picnic, national parks offer something for everyone. Our personal favorite is the beautiful Redwoods in California.

America blog

Blogger Profile - Betty Peng

I grew up in Southern California near LA and spent most of my adult life in Northern California in San Francisco. (Oh believe me, there is a big difference between the two locations!) In my early twenties, I was very fond of road trips and have camped and climbed most of the National Parks in the western part of the United States. I have always been amazed by the dramatic change in scenery a few miles brings when driving throughout the U.S. There is always something remarkable around every corner! I recently moved to London and hope to continue my travel whims in Europe.
Betty Peng

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