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Multi-Activity Holidays in America

Dress Shopping in New York

Land of the bold, land of the free, land of activities! There is a huge range of multi-activity holidays in America, no matter what floats your boat, puts wind in your sails or gets your heart racing, there is so much to do. From the epic shores and hills of San Francisco where you can rush down the hills to the wide boulevards of New York where you can test your wheels big and small on stunning road cycling circuits and skate parks.

With this multi-activity holiday in America, you’ll forge the kind of memories that will never leave you and experience a vast palette of what America has to offer, from a sport, food, culture to the spirit of adventure which draws thousands of visitors a year. Let this country surprise you as you discover the distinct flavour and personality of three of the world’s major cities as we look at some of the best activities in New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

It’s not just the pictures you take, the miles you cover and the friends you make along the way, it’s the experiences you have while you’re there. Test your poker face, surf barrels, shoot straight, clip gear into stunning rock faces, navigate broad highways and dusty roads, golf, skate and smile. The more you open yourself up to America, the more it can give you back in return. The trip of a lifetime is waiting for you and your loved ones; what are you waiting for?  


America is the spiritual home of skateboarding, kids in California created the culture, finessed the moves and from the sport's inception, built and broke the limits of what you could do with a board and 4 wheels. Skate culture has thrived in the intervening years, from kids dropping in in empty swimming pools in Cali in the late fifties to some of the most amazing skate parks. With over 15 skate parks in San Francisco alone, there’s always a half-pipe nearby. 

There’s more than one thing you can do on a board in San Francisco on a multi-activity trip in this amazing, water-wrapped city. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great way to start, with a nice big board, those of you who may be lacking balance can even get involved too! SUPing can be as strenuous or relax as you like, which means it’s great for families or couples as you can pick a pace that suits you or take classes for different abilities.

If SUPing seems a little laid back then make the most of the brilliant winds that rush around the coast of San Francisco, which create perfect waves for surfing (pro spot: Ocean Beach - check magicseaweed before you go, for surf conditions), Kiteboarding (a newer sport, with a board and a huge kite to let you ride the water’s surface, hit up KITE415 at Oyster Point Park for this experience), Windsurfing (pro spot: Alameda) or if you have a head for heights then you have to Hang Glide (pro spot: seasoned hang gliders praise Fort Funston’s perfect winds - visit Bay Area Hand Gliding for lessons). 


New York is a lot wilder than its high rises might suggest! The city is a hub for multi-activity holidays, with excellent transport links in and out, it’s a great place to start and brings a mix of city splendour to heart racing excitement.

It goes without saying, however, that a trip to visit the Statue of Liberty on Manhattan Island is a must. Make sure you make the most of your visit by getting the best tickets, the National Park Service advise that in peak season you need to book Crown tickets a whopping six months in advance (access to the crown, pedestal and museum). Grounds Only tickets are usually always available - they give you general access to the island and Pedestal tickets are more limited and allow you up to the top of the pedestal and into the museum. The Crown is a pretty astounding (and very romantic!) location, so try and get the full ticket!

For those who want to get their hearts racing, then adjust your seats and don a helmet for the Red Hook Crit cycle race in Brooklyn. This road cycle race is as much fun to watch as take part in and is one part of a world series.

However, if golf is more your thing, America’s oldest public golf course is in New York too. Accessed via the 1 Train direct from the city, the Van Cortlandt Golf Course can breathe a little class into your visit and provide great ‘adult only’ time on a family trip or a chance to just finesse your technique so you can stun on the green when you’re back on home soil.


Of course, you could have the quintessential Vegas experience, spending the nights gambling - you might make millions but if you think that’s all Vegas has to offer then you’re missing a trick for sure!

For another super American experience on your multi-activity holiday visit a shooting range, Vegas has many, and in the safety of a range, you can take aim and fire! It’s a challenge and an art form, you might have played hours of video games, but how good a shot are you really?

Then there is of course the Grand Canyon – the question is whether to Hummer or Hike? Rough it, or ride in style, hiking the Grand Canyon is a special experience and the sunset over the canyon is unlike anything else. Ask anyone – it’s a sight to soothe the soul, but that doesn’t mean the soles of your feet have to be battered to get there. Big Horn Hummer Tours offer exciting trips with experienced guides in all-star American cars. It’s big, it’s brash and bold, and you’ll only find it in Las Vegas!




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