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The Ultimate Motorhome Holiday

The holidays are here again! And what better way to jump into the holiday spirit than hitting the open road on a motorhome holiday?

Mark Written by: Mark Johnson / 22 July 2016

Driving around the USA can seem like a daunting task - the sheer size of the country and what it has to offer can appear overwhelming for some but let us reassure you – it’s not as nerve-racking as it seems! Motorhome holidays are one of the most rewarding ways to travel across the USA so with this in mind, we have put together this useful overview to help you plan your ultimate motorhome holiday.

From the food to the destination there is a lot to consider, so read on to find out where to visit and how to get the most out of your time on the road.



National Parks are a great way to get to grips with your holiday destination. From hiking, to wildlife watching, or sitting back and taking it all in, the landscape changes from one stop to another so get out there and enjoy it.



Even on a motorhome holiday, there's still plenty of room for souvenirs! You're sure to find a shop wherever you pull in, whether it’s a quaint gift shop or a contemporary shopping outlet – the USA is one of the best places to go shopping!

Fort Smith


Each place throughout your trip will have a unique story to tell. Finding out the history of your destination in museums, famous buildings and landmarks, and of course the faithful guidebook, is guaranteed to enrich your holiday experience.

Mardi Gras


Whilst on your motorhome holiday you'll likely be in time for some of the local events or festivals taking place in different regions. America is huge on sporting events so be sure to look out for a sports game happening near you!


Don't miss!

Yellowstone National Park: One of the oldest national parks in America and certainly one of the most well-known. As well as beautiful lakes, rivers and canyons, wildlife protection has come along in leaps and bounds and Yellowstone is home to hundreds of species including wolves, bears, bison and elk. Try the Explorer Cabins for rustically comfortable experience.


The View

Imagine waking up to the luxury of a different view everymorning? Sleep under the stars and wake up to the sun rising over a picturesque backdrop – right on your front door step! It's all about the great outdoors and getting back to nature - Camping has never felt so good...

Road View

From the road

Take time throughout your journey to just sit back, look out of the window and enjoy the ever changing views along the way. The USA has an immensely diverse landscape and there's always something like the ocean or a famous landmark to shout out when you first see it.

Motorhome Starry Sky

From your motorhome

Each morning when you open your motorhome door there's always something different to see. Whether it's the shady trees, the path to the beach, or the neighbour's tent – no day is ever the same on a motorhome holiday!

Wall View

From your wall

Collecting memories is a huge part of holidays and one that stays with you long after the last leg of your journey. Postcards and shots snapped on your phone can go on your wall, or online, so you can re-live the best moments again and again.

Kansas Food

The Food

You can literally get your teeth into your motorhome holiday! America is renowned for its diverse food selection and each destination will have their own local delicacies, from Louisiana Jambalaya to salmon from a North West trip.

BBQ Kansas


Yes, the classic barbeque is an honorary passenger on any good motorhome holiday! It smells good, it tastes great, and it can cater for everyone. There's a large variety of outdoor cookers which can help you serve up luscious meals which don’t revolve around a tin of beans.

Road Snacks

From the road

Leave room in your stomachs for discovering your new favourite food on the road! Everyone comes home from a holiday having found a local delicacy they'd never tried before – whether they liked it or not is a different matter but it's always good to broaden the palate.


On the move

Packing a few good dry snacks and on-the-road meals are essential for satisfying hunger twangs on the road. Long journeys can mean that cooking is not always an option whilst driving so a good selection of nibbles can avoid 'hangry' squabbles on the road - plus you'll get a great meal with a view when you look out of the car windows!

Lousiana Gumbo

Don't miss!

Louisiana: The famous Southern Belle Blanche DuBois comes to mind with mighty fine Louisiana. The taste of the state comes from miss-matched dishes, inspired by the mixture of nationalities that reside in Louisiana. Try the mint julep on a plantation home, or some gumbo New Orleans. You'll never forget The South once you've tried it.

Family Fun

The Fun

One of the greatest parts of your motorhome holiday is the fun of discovering new places and seeing what they have to offer. Each destination will have a different feel, a different history and yes a different accent too! It's a great opportunity to look at local events and popular places to spend the day out with the family, and try the local cuisine of course.

Family Swim


Somewhere on your road trip there's bound to be somewhere to dive in and cool off after a long drive. Some campsites are situated near lakes or rivers where it's safe to swim; alternatively you can find a resort that has its own water park or look out for beaches along the way for an emergency paddle stop!

Family Hike


You'll be seeing some of the best countryside there is along your route and part of the fun is getting out there and exploring it! Family hikes or solitary strolls are perfect for getting back to nature, getting some well-deserved fresh air, and immersing yourself in some of America’s beautiful landscapes.



Pack a couple of good books for evenings sat by the barbeque or for the mornings where there's a long day of driving ahead. It's the perfect opportunity to chance to catch up on the year's bestsellers, or read up on the history of the destination you're headed to.

Road Trip

Road Trip Games

A great way of passing time on a hot afternoon or a rainy morning is to get everyone together for a good ol’ fashion game. Packing timeless classics like Monopoly or Jenga can pass a dull hour. Even on the move, you can keep morale up with a good car game.


Don't miss!

Vermont:It doesn't always have to be about the urban adventure! As well as farmer's markets to grab goodies for the campfire meals, there's no end of beautiful forests as well as Lake Champlain and Lake Willoughby to explore.


The Teamwork

Ultimately, the motorhome holiday brings you all together, even at times when you could do with some time apart! The great thing about sharing not only a holiday but a moving home together is how everyone can learn to get along in ways we don't usually have to.



Half the fun of a holiday is the anticipation and experiencing something completely new but it's important to make sure you have a plan in place before you set off. Once you have a rough idea of where you want to go, you can work out an itinerary. Remember to check out recommendations for round trip routes as well as campsites and services.



It's with a sense of pride that the chosen one takes their place in the honoured shotgun seat, and takes out the map. The navigator can direct round the more complicated roads, which allows the driver to concentrate on driving. It involves teamwork from all passengers in the vehicle, as well as the driver, when discovering the way to your destination.

Family Picnic

Setting Up

Everyone feels a little restless when they finally pull into the campsite, but that's where everyone really comes together as a team. Usually you'll have the 'captain' who likes to deal out the orders and tasks like getting the gazebo up, sorting out the bedding and firing up the cooking gives everyone a role in the motorhome experience.

Family Holiday


Unlike most of our modern lifestyles, where we all have our own rooms, the motorhome holiday brings alive the satisfaction (and sometimes frustration!) of sharing and living closely together. When everyone shares the same living space for a period of time, it's often a chance to learn to get along together better than before.

Route 66

Don't miss!

Route 66: The living legend that is Route 66 is featured in movies, songs and oh so many postcards. Perfect for motorhomers; make sure to stop off at Santa Fe where they have an open air opera house. Enjoy your success at Santa Monica Pier, with the famous 'End of the Trail' sign. Here you can relax with the family and bask in your end-of-the-road triumph and California's glorious sunshine of course!

Final Thoughts

So if its scenery you’re interested in our North West trip will take you through some of the USA’s best loved national parks (including Yellowstone) or if shopping’s more your bag the USA also has plenty of destinations on offer. If its culture you’re after – no trip is complete without a visit to The South – from Louisiana’s soul food to New Orleans’ jazz clubs our Texas and Louisiana self-drive will leave your taste buds tantalised and your toes tapping. If you dream of chasing the autumn leaves through New England then our New England fly-drive was made for you – start off in Boston for a taste of the city life before heading off on the road taking in all the natural beauty and scenic vistas that only New England conjures. But if it’s the ultimate road trip you’re after, then all roads lead to the legendary Route 66 – finish off in California and head home with a sun kissed Californian glow.

We hope you enjoyed reading this overview of motorhome holidays, and we’re sure you’ll agree it's a great way to experience USA's diversity. If you're feeling inspired and would like to find out more, visit our motorhome holidays page. And if you're feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount the USA has to offer, and need some help planning your holiday, then please get in touch – we’d love to help you plan your very own motorhome adventure.

Happy Camping!

Mark Johnson

Blogger Profile - Mark Johnson

Mark is an avid traveller and loves to explore the world with all of its varied cultures. He is also an adventure sport enthusiast and has tried everything from Skydiving to Scuba Diving!


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