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  • New York

Our guide on where to stay in New York

Whether you’re a New York holiday newbie or a frequent visitor to the Big Apple, there’s something unexpected, vibrant and unforgettable to discover around each and every corner. Even in the world-famous Manhattan, there are countless hidden gems, especially when heading off the beaten track and away from the bright lights of Times Square. Where to stay in New York? Here’s our brief guide for inspiration.

Joanna Written by: Joanna Kamenou / 12 April 2016
Midtown Manhattan

Midtown, Manhattan

If you haven’t visited New York before then there really is only one place to start. Midtown Manhattan is the beating heart of the city that never sleeps. From Times Square to Broadway to the Rockefeller Center, Midtown is the perfect location for seeing all of the city’s most famous sights. Whatever the time of year, there are always hordes of visitors who flock to experience the buzzing atmosphere of Midtown.

New York View

Lower East Side, Manhattan

Lower East Side is one of Manhattan’s most trendy neighbourhoods. If you prefer a more laidback vibe, Lower East Side is a great alternative with its relaxed cafés, bars and restaurants. Jump on the subway and it’s a short 20-minute ride to get back to the fast-paced Manhattan centre. It’s also worth taking a walk around the neighbourhood and experiencing the local flavours. Try a salt beef sandwich at Katz’s Delicatessen and sit in the spot where one of When Harry Met Sally’s most iconic scenes was filmed.

Greenwich Village NYC

Greenwich Village, Manhattan

Quaint and quirky Greenwich Village is one of Manhattans most charming neighbourhoods. For lovers of exclusive boutiques and couture shopping, Manhattan’s Greenwich Village district is a shopper’s paradise. Washington Square Park is also a great spot for lunch during a busy day spending dollars. The area has transformed from its bohemian influences, Greenwich Village was a hub for New York’s 1950s beat generation, but take a closer look and you’ll still find throwback jazz joints and cafés along the way.

Williamsburg NYC

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Of course, New York isn’t all about Manhattan. Step away from the high-rise buildings and Brooklyn has a distinct, arty aesthetic of its own. Williamsburg is the trendy epicentre of Brooklyn with its streets lined with quirky restaurants, rooftop bars and flea markets by the waterfront. Music is abuzz around the Williamsburg neighbourhood so enjoy a walkabout and listen out for regular music jams in McCarren Park.

Astoria Queens

Astoria, Queens

Astoria in Queens is a multicultural hub and the perfect place to taste a variety of global cuisines. It is known as the Greek capital of NYC as there is a large Greek community living there - so make sure you try a sample of the Mediterranean diet. There are also cultural gems such as the Bohemian Beer Hall, one of New York’s best beer gardens and the Museum of the Moving Image, an interactive experience that’s great for families.

    Final Thoughts

    We hope you've enjoyed this blog post - if you’re thinking about planning a holiday to New York and have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch but if you’re feeling inspired in the meantime then check out our New York and Las Vegas twin centre holiday - what better way to discover two of the greatest cities on earth?!

    Joanna Kamenou 

    Blogger Profile - Joanna Kamenou

    Joanna joined My America Holiday in December 2014 and loves travelling around the USA on a whim. Miami is one of her favourite cities because of its Latin flair and her American holiday dream is to see at least one sporting event in each of the 50 states (New York is already crossed off that list!)


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