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  • North Coast and Shasta Cascade
  • North Coast and Shasta Cascade
  • North Coast and Shasta Cascade

Shasta Cascade Holidays

The Shasta Cascade area of Northern California is unique to the state and to the country. Three Ring of Fire volcanoes loom large over the landscape. Running between them, stunning Scenic Byways connect the natural and urban highlights of the region, enticing you to just get in a car and drive.

It's all about the Great Outdoors up here, with unspoilt wide open spaces, glacial lakes, dramatic waterfalls and fast running rivers bursting with fish. You might also spot black bears, deer, raccoons, skunks, otters, chipmunks and, if you are very, very lucky, an elusive mountain lion or puma. These creatures will appear at their own convenience and may choose to disappear again just as you find your camera, but it’s best to be prepared, just in case.

Other highlights include the amazing State Parks and Reserves, jaw-dropping redwood forests and volcanic landscapes. Walk behind waterfalls at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, try some white water rafting at Upper Klamath River, just on the state line, take a kayak tour at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area or watch the steaming mud pots and sulphur vents at Volcanic Lassen Peak. There's plenty of tempting boutique breweries and picturesque wineries to try along the way too.

Life in Shasta Cascade has retained much of the heritage that began when lumberjacks, prospectors and other adventure chasing men and women came to seek their fortunes. Descendants of those pioneers still raise their families according to traditions handed down from California’s Wild West. Chico, Weaverville and McCloud all seem to have fallen out of the pages of history. Redding on the other hand is a lively commercial hub, offering theatre, culture and fine dining.

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Feel The Earth Move

Lassen Volcanic National Park boasts every type of geo-thermal activity you can think of (with the exception of geysers). There are fizzing pools, popping mud pots, fumaroles and terrain that emits super-heated steam, all taking place under the shadow of the imposing Lassen Peak.

Behind The Falls

A visit to this crashing waterfall, which plunges 40 metres down a tree-shrouded rock face in a series of beautiful cascades, is a must on Shasta Cascade holidays. There's also hiking, fishing, boating and horseback riding in the surrounding State Park.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park

Straddling both banks of the Sacramento River in Redding, Turtle Bay Exploration Park covers a 300-acre area and offers educational activities that interpret the relationship between humans and nature. The Park tells the stories of the region and its people through a museum and art gallery, wildlife exhibits, forest camp, a year-round aviary, amphitheatre, and an arboretum & gardens.

Stalactites and Stalagmites

Take a 15 minute boat ride across crystal blue Shasta Lake to the Shasta Caverns, a network of limestone caves that are at least 200 million years old. These magnificent caverns feature multi-coloured fluted columns, stalagmites studded with crystals, and a clutch of cave dwelling salamanders


Fly Drive Holiday: North Coast and Shasta Cascade

San Francisco – Mendocino – Eureka – Redding – Santa Rosa

This fly drive itinerary takes you off the beaten trail to the undiscovered gems of Northern California. Start in the City by the Bay, a vibrant metropolis of mists, hill views and fantastic nightlife. Then it’s time to hit the open road and discover the wild, rugged coastline, arty seaside villages and grand redwood trees that make up the North Coast. Sample local food and home-grown wineries, explore the wilderness of the Redwood National Parks and be blown away by the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. Remember, this is just a suggested itinerary - you can tailor-make any aspect of your trip.
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Time Difference:
GMT- 8hours

Closest Airport:
San Francisco International Airport (approx. 11 hours)

Getting around:
Hire a car and explore the surrounding areas. Check out the great selection of dining options, attractions and local excursions available. Care hire is available from £19 per day.

Insider Tip:
If watersports are your thing, you’ll find the sapphire-blue lakes of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area hard to beat as a venue, with their wonderful backdrop of pristine mountain peaks. The park also offers four waterfalls and 70 miles of walking trails.

You’re going to need an ESTA:
For anyone travelling to the USA, the US authorities have imposed a requirement for passengers travelling under the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP), to register for Electronic Travel Authority. Just fill in the online application form which you can find at You will need to apply for entry via ESTA at least a minimum of 72 hours prior to travel.


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